News at Givens Estates

Team Member Spotlight: Health Center Chef, Peter Jackson

Born and raised in New York City, Chef Peter Jackson has always been passionate about food. After running a successful delicatessen in New York and earning a Bachelor’s Degree from Curry College in Massachusetts, he settled in North Carolina to further his career in the culinary arts. For a time he worked as the Executive … Continued

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Team Member Spotlight: Production Team Lead, Chef David Breeden

Chef David Breeden is the production team lead for Market + Craft, one of the three dining venues at Givens Estates. He has always enjoyed cooking, inspired by great television chefs such as Emeril Lagasse and Justin Wilson. After graduating with a culinary arts degree from Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College in 2016, David worked as … Continued

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Global Recycling Day: Composting at Givens Estates

Compost at Givens Estates is made in-house as part of our sustainability initiative. We use it for planting new foliage, amending soil, top dressing lawns, filling planters, and more. You might be wondering how we make our compost. First, the grounds team collects fallen leaves. We use a big leaf vacuum for this; we would … Continued

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