Wellness Through COVID-19

With COVID-19 limiting socialization for the foreseeable future, classes and other communal fixtures on our campus are on a temporary hold. But thanks to technology, we have found some creative ways to keep residents engaged. Despite no previous filming experience, our wellness team has pivoted to shooting livestream and prerecorded instructional exercise videos, so residents can participate in fitness classes within their apartment homes.

There are at least three livestream classes per day— from aerobics and strength building to yoga, joint movement, and mind/body classes. Residents have an array of classes from which to choose. The wellness team has also provided prerecorded exercise videos and appropriate exercise equipment to the residents, so they can work out anytime.

Resident Mike Halus is 82 years old and utilizes the livestream classes 7-12 times per week. He says Givens Estates provides excellent opportunities to support creative, social, spiritual and physical fitness. “The team members go above and beyond,” said Mike. “It’s the norm here.”

The virtual classes have been such a hit that we plan to keep them in place once COVID-19 subsides. Residents who typically wouldn’t attend in-person training sessions are some of the most eager participants. This is great news for our community. Because the health benefits are so numerous, we encourage all residents to engage in physical activity. According to the CDC, seniors who regularly exercise are at lower risk for high blood pressure, colon cancer and diabetes. 

For more information, or to talk to a Wellness Specialist at Givens Estates, please contact Ryan Andrews at 828-771-2224 or email [email protected].