Trailblazers Portal

Givens Estates recently launched a new technology portal to facilitate communication with future residents. The new portal is a great way for future residents, Trailblazers, to connect with the community.

Trailblazers now have access to all the necessary information and resources they need to make their eventual move to Givens Estates. Plus, they’ll get a glimpse of what’s happening on campus and an easy way to get in touch with their sales counselor.

“This portal is a great way for future residents to start creating a community before they even move into their residence,” said Leslie Lang, sales counselor. “Our intention is to ease their transition by offering resources that help with the application process.” Jeanne La Roe, Marketing Director for Givens Estates, said, “Future residents of Givens Estates are more tech savvy than ever before. They are actively seeking ways to connect with the community and each other.”

Trailblazers who would like more information on how to access the new portal should contact Leslie at 828-771-2627 or email [email protected].