Sew Much Appreciation for our Health and Wellness Staff

The coronavirus has people from coast to coast hunkering down inside their homes, providing them with an abundance of free time. But our residents are spending some of their time giving back.

Residents have partnered with staff to make face covers and headbands for the health and wellness staff. Their goal was to create and donate 200 pieces. With eight residents, a group of nurses and over a hundred volunteer hours completed, the group has exceeded their initial goal and has donated 291 pieces. Even still, the group said that as long as people need these items, they’ll make them.

These residents and staff members were inspired when they witnessed the entire nation coming together in such a difficult and uncertain time. They saw other senior living communities giving back by making masks, and they wanted to do the same. Some residents are even taking the initiative to make masks for fellow residents who don’t have one.

Our community understands the importance of volunteering, especially right now. In fact, research confirms volunteering leads to better health and that older adults are the most likely individuals to receive physical, mental and spiritual health benefits from volunteer activities. We are in awe of this group and their willingness to donate so much of their time for the benefit of our health care community.