Quilting is Creating with Love

A special resident post by Joanie McGee, Co-chair of Luv 2 Quilt at Givens Estates

I recently read an article in the Smoky Mountain Living magazine that showcased the “powerful economic force” that quilting brings to Asheville while celebrating the Southern Appalachian heritage of our foremothers! Quilters come from all over for classes, retreats, and visiting quilt shops. And enthusiastic quilters don’t hesitate to spend on fabric, supplies, and services. There is an estimated 6-8 million households that include a quilter! Quilting styles have progressed over the years with many still interested in Traditional designs, and now we are seeing Modern and Art quilters emerge as well.

The Quilting/Fiber Arts Studio is one of the many amenities that Givens has to offer. For me, it was a critical factor in choosing Givens. Supporting the Luv 2 Quilt sewing group and allocating space for a quilting studio demonstrated Givens’ true commitment to providing life enrichment to residents.

We have an average of 12-25 women coming to our quilting gatherings each Monday. At least six to nine new members have recently come from the newly opened Friendship Park. The quilting craft is very much alive and well in our area!

Our group has been busy at work. During the months of March and April, we met our goal of completing four quilts for an in-reach project for Givens and eight to ten fleece blankets for children as an Asheville community project. More quilting projects are beginning each month for serving our residents and staff at Givens, and the greater community needs!. We’ve also been working to brighten up and decorate our studio with color and quilting displays and a lending library of quilting resource books.

When quilters think of the recipient as she/he makes a quilt, they infuse the stitches with Love. When the quilt is received, it represents a legacy of memories to enjoy and pass on, warm therapy through health issues, a peaceful respite when life gets challenging, a feeling of belonging for a child, a gift of caring and love! Quilting is fun and creative and helps us to remember the early intention of our ancestors to express love and kindness, wrapped in warm and colorful fabric! Come to Givens Estates and share in the joy & passion of quilting!