Updated: New Security Gatehouse Construction Underway

Gate House Construction Update: 07/22/2023

On Monday, July 24, the existing gate house located at the front entrance will be torn down. This will help us facilitate safe travel onto and exiting the campus while the constructions crews begin their work in grading the new inbound lanes for the campus. This will impact the way people get onto campus as they will have to divert into the existing egress lane that will now become two-way traffic. The current egress lane has been expanded to accommodate this move safely and will remain for the left-hand turn onto Sweeten Creek. The front sign will remain, and all traffic will enter the campus as normal but then will merge into the  two-way street using the existing space behind the front entrance signage.

This temporary move will be in place until the work is completed on the inbound lanes to the campus, at that time we will swap lanes until the exit lane is finished and work has been completed for the project.

Gate House Construction to begin

The front entrance construction project is underway! Givens Estates began planning the construction of a security gate house late last year. After months of strategic planning and vendor vetting, construction has begun.

Representatives from Blum Construction have started installing run-off control fencing. The scope of work involves widening the current ingress lane to allow for two entrance lanes, as well as the construction of a new gate house & welcome center with traffic control arms. During construction, sidewalks on both sides of Wesley Drive from the intersection of N. Wesley & S. Wesley (in front of Oxford Pond spillway) will be closed to pedestrian traffic. The initial phase of construction will involve substantial grading work on the current entrance lane. During this initial phase, the current exit lane will be widened to accommodate two lanes of traffic: both incoming and outbound. Please use extreme caution as space is limited and we want to keep everyone safe. We will post more updates as they develop. Please know that the Givens team as well as our partner’s with Blum Construction and Miller Brothers Grading are aware of potential safety concerns. Appropriate access to campus for emergency response vehicles will be maintained at all times.

Also, note that the Manor House renovation project will begin this week as well. There will be little to no inconvenience to residents and staff from the Manor House renovation project. Be aware of additional construction traffic in the vicinity of S. Wesley Drive and the Far Horizons Lane areas.

Questions or concerns? Reach out to the Marketing Team by calling 828-771-2203 or emailing us at [email protected]. Thank you!