Meet Kelly, Server and Baker

Kelly is Server and Baker at the Givens Estates Health Center Dining. She has been a team member for 23 years. While she enjoys her teammates and the work environment at Givens Estates, her primary drive is meeting the needs of residents. She enjoys talking to them and learning about their backgrounds. Recognizing that residents come with rich experiences and a variety of backgrounds, she has a passion to understand the person behind the face. Kelly goes the extra mile to understand the resident better and, in turn, what she can do to make them happy and ensure they are comfortable and well taken care of. By getting to know them, she can anticipate their needs and provide outstanding service and care.

Because she wants what’s best for the residents, she goes the extra mile to ensure all of the food she prepares is quality and much better than your average health care cuisine. She is meticulous in her preparation of salads and desserts. Kelly has recently battled cancer, while maintaining a high level of work. Her motivation to ensure the residents received the highest quality food and service allowed her to not miss a day of work during her treatment.

Thank you, Kelly, for your care and compassion to residents of Givens Estates for 23 years.