Meet John Nelson, Assistant Facilities Director

Celebrate with us as we recognize John Nelson’s 5-year work anniversary with Givens Estates. John supervises the Givens Estates grounds team that works to create and preserve beautiful outdoor spaces for our residents. When you enter Givens Estates, you can instantly recognize the thoughtful care and hard work on display with our community’s natural environment. Our grounds team is in good hands thanks to John’s management. Below is a Q&A we did with John. We believe you will appreciate him as much as we do!

What are your primary duties at Givens Estates?

Scheduling daily tasks and projects with staff, troubleshooting problems that arise, and working through issues our residents have with their outdoor spaces.  Another part of what I do is helping Grounds staff work through ideas and problems, both at work and in their personal lives. We are all family up here, and I do my best to provide guidance.  Of course, there is also a lot of invoice coding, email correspondence, and determining what our needs will be in the foreseeable future, but that stuff can be kinda boring to talk about.

How do you and your team try to make a difference for residents?

Through the hard work of our crew, we do everything we can to provide a pleasing outside environment for all who live or work here at Givens.  I work to address any concerns or needs residents have in regards to their outdoor spaces and look for mutually agreeable outcomes in my solutions.  I find that most of our community appreciates having a nice place to live or work which is beneficial to their environmental wellness.

What motivates you to work hard at Givens Estates?

Making people happy.  Whether I am working through a resident issue, interacting with staff in our department or others, or just making sure a job is done right, my aim is to make people happy.  To achieve this goal, I definitely go the extra mile.  I am fortunate to work with a group of people that care about each other and this community which makes it easy to do what I do.