Leslie Lang: The 5 Questions I Get Asked the Most

How does your waitlist work? How long is your waitlist?

On average our waitlist is about two years. However, it will vary depending on residence type. The waitlist is $1,000 per household. Once you pay your deposit your waitlist date is set. It will never change. You will not lose your position. There are two categories in the waitlist. The “General” waitlist is for people who are waiting to move to Givens Estates at a later date. The “Ready” waitlist is for those who are ready to start the process, pack, and move within one year. While you are on the waitlist,  you have access to the amenities here at Givens Estates. It’s a great way to become familiar with the campus, the other residents, and to see if our community is a good fit before you make a big move. Also, you have access to our higher levels of care. However, if a resident needs a higher level of care, the resident will always be accommodated before someone on the waitlist. When you’re ready, I will move your name to the Ready waitlist. Everyone is placed on the Ready waitlist in order of their original waitlist date. Your original preferences may be different from your current preferences, so don’t worry too much about identifying which floor plan you prefer when you sign up for the waitlist.

Do you allow pets? Is there a weight limit?

We love pets! Each resident may have up to two pets. Though there is a weight limit for dogs in Asbury Commons and Oxford Commons apartments of 40 lbs., all other residences have a weight limit of 70 lbs. In compliance with the city of Asheville, all pets must be leashed when outside. This includes cats! Residents must pick up and dispose of pet waste so that the campus grounds remain pleasant for all. Residents must be capable of taking care of their pets and have a contingency plan in place if they are unable to care for the pet.

Can same sex couples or unmarried people live at Givens Estates?

Yes, members and supporters of the LGBTQ community are welcome to live at Givens Estates. Our doors are wide open to all people. We do not discriminate based on sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, disabilities, race, religion, ethnic origin, or color. All are welcome at Givens Estates. Our resident population is very diverse which makes for a strong community.

How many people live at Givens Estates?

There are approximately 570 independent living residents living at Givens Estates. In our health care and assisted living, we have 130 residents.

How does the meal allowance work? Can you purchase or drink alcohol?

All independent living residents have a $238 monthly meal allowance. You can spend it as you wish over the course of the month. We offer lunch and dinner daily. Additionally, we offer breakfast three mornings per week and a brunch every Sunday. There are also take-out options and we can cater a party for you. We have fine dining as well as more casual options. We find the meal allowance provides the flexibility most residents prefer. You can use it to entertain guests. You can use it at all our dining venues. You can even roll over up to $476 to your next month. You may purchase and drink alcohol at Givens Estates. In fact, you can even BYOB to our dining venues without incurring a corkage fee.

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