Leadership Training: Inclusion Matters

Givens Estates senior living community is committed to meeting the needs of all who live and work at the community. As part of this commitment, Givens Estates will soon complete an inclusion training program that will raise awareness of different cultures.

“We’re proud to demonstrate our inclusive environment and dedication to serve a growing diverse population of older adults,” said Jeanne LaRoe, marketing director of Givens Estates. “No one should be discriminated against or feel isolated like so many seniors unfortunately do. Our staff will be trained to foster a supportive environment among differences that include ethnicity, age, ability, religion, nationality, sexual orientation and gender identity.”

This training comes on the heels of the community’s platinum-level SAGECare certification. The New York-based Advocacy and Services of LGBT Elders (SAGE) organization established its SAGECare training program for senior housing and senior care providers, centered on LGBT cultural competency. Givens Estates joined the almost 300 senior care providers nationwide who’ve received the SAGECare credentials. The 2019 training covered many topics, including:

·      The needs of LGBT seniors

·      Ways to reduce and respond to behavioral biases

·      Overview of federal protections

·      Best practices to help create a supportive environment for current and future older LGBT residents

The upcoming inclusion training will be conducted by Dr. Joseph Fox of Tryon-based Fox Management Consulting Enterprises, LLC. The training will begin in April with the leadership team; it will include strategies to help increase cultural awareness and challenging perceptions, attitudes and beliefs. The training will ultimately involve all employees at the community and will help them better examine tactics that will break down individual and organizational barriers to inclusion. Residents will also participate in a “respecting differences” initiative with the objective to further enhance the inclusivity that already exists at the community.

“Since we launched the SAGECare program in 2019, we’ve received more requests to further raise awareness for not only the LGBTQ community, but other cultures,” said LaRoe. “This training will help us all be more compassionate and supportive of one another, which will ultimately help support our residents.”