John Cowan Shares Resident Notes of Appreciation

Dear Team Members,

Over the last few weeks we have faced many challenges as we respond to the COVID-19 crisis and we will continue to face challenges in the days ahead. During this time, I’ve been reflecting on the Givens core values of Commitment, Caring, Courage and Collaboration and how these are not just words on a page but the traits that come to the foreground during times like these. Day after day I’ve seen team members breathe life into these words and embody them.

• Commitment to deliver quality care and services to residents in new ways.
• Caring for yourselves, each other and residents with compassion and respect.
• Courage to innovate in overcoming obstacles and taking action.
• Collaboration in working together as never before to meet the demands before us.

The measures we are taking not only protect ourselves but the residents of Givens Estates who are more vulnerable to the impact of COVID-19. I am deeply grateful to all the Givens Estates team members who are working to keep us moving forward. We will get through this together. The COVID-19 crisis can seem overwhelming but I’d like to share some positive resident feedback so you can hear the voices of those we serve.

“Your team has been doing everything to keep us happy, healthy and safe. Thanks to the entire staff for this amazing and unbelievable job. We certainly chose the right place to live.” ~ Oxford Commons Residents

“I want to commend you and the staff for the superior communication and ways of protecting us from the coronavirus. I feel safe and secure. Please know that I support you and want you to know my gratitude!!” ~ Oxford Commons Resident

“We have witnessed in real time the unrelenting commitment that is being made in support of the Givens residents. When we observe your folks adding that personal touch, it commands not just our appreciation, but our sincere respect.” ~ Lovely Lane Residents

“I just wanted to let you all know how much I appreciate the well-coordinated response plan Givens has put into effect as we all deal with the COVID-19 situation. Rarely have I seen a contingency plan roll out so smoothly and effectively.” ~ Wesley Drive Resident

Please know that the work you are doing is appreciated by your fellow team members, Givens Estates leadership, residents and family members. Stay healthy; we are truly blessed to have you here.

With gratitude,

John C. Cowan