Happy National Hispanic Heritage Month

Join Givens Estates in celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month. Hear from one of our team members who shares his perspective on his Latin heritage.

Hi! I am Josué Molina, and I am the Billing Coordinator at Givens Estates. I am a Salvadoran American, and I truly value my background and heritage as a member of the Latin American community. I identify as Latino, but some of the other members of the community may identify as Hispanic, Latino, or Latinx. There are many things I could discuss about being Latino —the food, music, dance — all of which are important forms of self-expression for me. First, I wanted to recognize the diversity of the Hispanic/Latino/ Latinx community. It is represented by peoples of 20 countries and at least one territory. Each one is different and full of their own native languages, history, and development. Members and descendants of these communities have made major contributions in art, science, medicine, government. (The list is probably larger). What I hold dear from my background is the emphasis on community and family. If you met my family, you would be introduced to “aunts, uncles, and cousins.” If you met my family, I would have a tough time explaining the relationships. At a dinner party, my cousin was explaining our relationship to another. “I think we are 3rd or 4th cousins. I am not too sure— maybe our grandparents were cousins?” he said. We laughed, but we knew it didn’t matter how distant the connection was. Some family members were most likely just friends to a previous generation that have become part of the familial unit. I think these experiences have helped me be more mindful in my relationships with the Givens Estates community.