Doug Cooper Shares Recipe from His Kitchen to Yours

Our pastries are hands-down the most delectable, and a big debt of gratitude goes to our culinary team for their inspiring work with dough, glaze, batter, icing, and more! In addition to creating scrumptious desserts for residents with discerning palates, our chefs work to provide sweets to those with food sensitivities. Doug Cooper has been part of the team for five years and was promoted this year to Pastry Chef. This gluten-free chocolate caramel trifle is sure to please those with and without gluten sensitivities. We hope you enjoy this decadent dessert, straight from Doug’s personal cookbook.


Gluten-Free Chocolate Caramel Trifle

Flourless Chocolate Cake


4 oz Butter
5.3 oz Chocolate Chips
5 oz Sugar
1.8 oz Cocoa Powder
½ tsp Coffee Extract
1/8 tsp Salt
3 Eggs
1 tsp Vanilla

1. Melt butter and chocolate together.
2. Sift the sugar and cocoa powder together.
3. Whisk together the eggs, vanilla, salt, and coffee extract.
4. Mix the sugar and cocoa mixture in with the butter and chocolate.
5. Whisk in the egg mixture.
6. Pour into a parchment and sprayed cake pan.
7. Bake at 300 F for 25- 40 minutes.



1 cup Sugar
1 cup Water
4 oz Heavy Cream
4 oz Butter

1. Combine the Sugar in water in a saucepan.
2. Boil until it begins to become a medium amber color.
3. Add the cream and butter (watch out it will steam violently) and harden.
4. Whisk and continue to heat until smooth.
5. Allow to cool.

Chocolate Mousse


.3 oz Gelatin Powder
3 oz Cold Water
2 oz Egg yolks
2 oz Sugar
4 oz Milk
4 oz Heavy Cream 1
1 tsp Vanilla
8 oz Heavy Cream 2
2 oz Chocolate Chips

1. Bloom the gelatin in cold water.
2. Heat the milk, heavy cream, ½ the sugar, and vanilla in a pot until it boils.
3. Whisk together the egg yolks and ½ of the sugar.
4. Temper hot milk into the egg yolks, then return to the pot.
5. Stir constantly until it thickens approximately 175 F
6. Strain and add in the bloomed gelatin.
7. Cool to room temperature.
8. Whip the 2nd Heavy Cream to medium peaks and fold into the cooled egg mixture.
9. Melt the chocolate Chips and fold into the egg mixture as well.



Cut your cake into small squares.
Layer the cake, caramel, and mousse in desired container I like to do 2 layers.
And top it with some whipped cream and fresh fruit.
You can do a large one or several small ones