Givens Estates’ Safety and Security announces new gatehouse hours, check-in requirements

Effective Thursday December 01, 2022, the new hours for the gatehouse operations at Givens Estates will be between 7:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m., daily. The Givens Estates Safety and Security Team also implemented new check-in entrance guidelines for after-hours access onto campus.

The summarized guidelines for after-hours access are as follows:

  • When approaching the gatehouse, residents, team members, and visitors will need to slow down for verification to enter. A Givens Estates issued name badge, hangtag, or vehicle decal is an acceptable form of identification.
  • Individuals who can’t show a Givens Estates issued name badge or vehicle decal will be asked to sign in, provide alternate forms of I.D., or may be refused entry.
  • Residents who need replacement name badges and/or vehicle decals should contact the receptionist in Oxford Commons at (828) 274-4800.
  • Future residents who need replacement name badges should contact the Sales & Marketing Assistant at (828) 771-2203.
  • Team members who need replacement name badges should contact the receptionist in Oxford Commons at (828) 274-4800. Team members who need replacement vehicle decals should contact Human Resources at (828) 271-6974.
  • All delivery drivers will be required to check in at the gatehouse between 7:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.

Given Estates established a Safety and Security program to better serve the community and the needs of residents.  Chad Murphy, the Assistant Facilities Director of Safety and Security, was hired in October and is leading the transition to an in-house security team. Murphy hired two experienced security officers for this important role.

“I am encouraged by the wealth of experience these two gentlemen bring to our campus and feel extremely fortunate to have their service here at Givens Estates,” Murphy said. “Please make them feel welcome as you see them on campus.”

Murphy also provided answers to frequently asked questions he received from residents and team members and are available below.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Many residents and team members have asked about the placement of their vehicle decal they were given for their personal vehicles. Some were told to place them at the bottom left drivers’ side, and some were told upper left driver’s side.

A: If the Givens Estates provided vehicle decal is visible anywhere on the driver’s side windshield of your vehicle, the Safety & Security team will allow entry without you having to check in at the gatehouse, and you may leave it in its current location. If you do not have a vehicle decal on your vehicle and you are a resident, please obtain one by contacting the receptionist at Oxford Commons. If you do not have a decal and are a team member, please obtain one by contacting Human Resources. The new decal should be placed on the lower left driver’s side area of your vehicle’s windshield.


Q: If I have my name badge, will I be allowed entry?

A: You will need to have either your name badge or your assigned vehicle decal to gain entry without being asked to check in at the gatehouse.


Q: I am a resident that has a contracted health care provider/family member/ friend/ visitor that comes multiple times per week. How can they obtain access without checking in?

A: The individual will need to be issued a hangtag for their vehicle that will allow them to gain entry without checking in at the gatehouse. Residents should contact their respective social worker for questions related to this process and to request a hangtag.


Q: What about after-hours (7pm-7am) guest procedures? 

A: Visitation hours for guests of residents are not regulated by the Safety & Security Team. Access will be granted based on the wishes of the resident. To expedite entry onto campus for after-hours guests please provide advance notice that you are expecting a visitor. This can be done by notifying the receptionist at Oxford Commons by calling (828) 274-4800 or by email at [email protected]. This information will be passed down to the Safety & Security Team. If no prior notice has been given, the Safety & Security Team will call to verify the guest is here to visit.


Q:  Who do we contact or coordinate through about deliveries after hours?

A: All delivery drivers will need to check in with the Safety & Security Team at the gatehouse to sign in before making deliveries.

Q: Can I request for a specific individual/visitor not to have access to the property? 

A: Residents may choose not to have certain individuals as guests. Please notify the receptionist at Oxford Commons to make this request. Team members should make similar requests by contacting Human Resources. This information will be passed down to the Safety & Security Team.


Q: If there is a safety/security concern, do we call 911 or call the Safety & Security Team? 

A: If you feel threatened or at risk, call 911. After hours, pull your emergency cord or call (828) 274-4800 and follow the telephone prompts to contact Maintenance on call. During normal business hours, you may contact Chad Murphy, Assistant Facilities Director, Safety and Security, at (828) 771-6509 or [email protected].