Givens Estates Health Center Has a Deficiency Free Survey

Givens Estates Health Center Has Deficiency Free Survey

On November 5th – 8th Givens Estates Health Center went through our annual Certification survey by NC Division of Health Services Regulation. All skilled nursing facilities that accept Medicare or Medicaid Funds are required to comply with over 1500 pages of regulations developed by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), and are inspected at least annually to ensure compliance. This is an unannounced inspection with 3-4 surveyors who spend 4-5 days in the building, speaking with residents, family members, and staff members. They watch resident care being performed, observe medication administration, and watch medical treatments being performed.  In addition they monitor meal service and preparation, and inspect closely all assessments, care plans, and other medical documentation and legal notifications.

After an exhaustive 4 day survey, the inspectors deemed that Givens Estates Health Center was in complete compliance with all applicable regulations. This Deficiency Free Survey is rare, and we celebrate this survey together with our residents, families, and staff. Please join us un celebrating this recognition of the care provided each day, and please continue to give us feedback that will help us continue to maintain this high standard of care at Givens Estates Health Center.

David Moore, Administrator, Givens Estates Health Center