Givens Communities Purchases Historic Mill in Marion for Affordable Housing

The Asheville non-profit organization Givens Communities purchased the Clinchfield Mill, located at 56 Branch Street in Marion, N.C. on December 21. Givens received a $3 million grant from the Dogwood Health Trust to purchase the property for development of affordable housing. Givens is currently applying to have the site added to the National Register of Historic Places and plans to preserve the historic integrity of the site.

Over the course of 2023, Givens Communities will apply for various federal and state funding to create affordable housing at the Clinchfield Mill site. Construction is not anticipated for at least a year, except where necessary to preserve structures.

Givens leadership has been meeting with local officials and service providers for the past year to gain insight on how the mill, land and other structures could best serve the surrounding community. Local stakeholders have provided valuable input and support for this project, according to Givens officials. The Marion City Council authorized the property’s rezoning from M-1 industrial to R-3 mixed-use residential in July.

Givens Communities is comprised of four distinct senior living communities, outreach ministries, and partnerships that support older adults and their families. For more information, go to