Enhancing the Retirement Experience with the New Weather Station at Givens Estates

Givens Estates, a retirement community in Asheville N.C., installed a weather station that empowers its facilities teams to use real-time weather conditions to efficiently plan their  operations, and it also serves as a valuable tool for residents to help plan their outdoor activities.

Asheville is well known for its arts, culture, food scene, being in the picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains, and being a top retirement destination. It also offers great outdoor recreation and cool summers. But the Asheville area can get some heavy rains and occasional snowfall in the winter. Asheville lies in a  temperate rainforest and the average annual rainfall precipitation is 39.39 inches and snowfall precipitation is 12.6 inches, according to the National Weather Service.

The teams now have access to detailed forecasts, which help them  proactively prepare for inclement weather, such as heavy rain or snow. This proactive approach allows the team to minimize any potential disruptions to the daily routines of our residents and swiftly address any safety concerns.

Givens Estates is on 215 acres and the Grounds Crew and Facilities Crew are responsible for maintaining the grounds of the campus, the homes, common areas, and apartments. Some of their responsibilities include gardening, landscaping, street maintenance, and snow removal.

Tom Tipton, the Facilities Director for Givens Estates, made a recommendation to the Grounds department to have a system installed.

“I have a weather station at home, and I asked the team if they would like to have one for Givens so they can view conditions from anywhere,” Tipton said. “I believe the weather station enhances the overall safety of our community and another tool we can use to serve our residents.”

The weather station’s information is available through Weather Underground, and it allows for free remote viewing. There is a weather station transmitter mounted outside the grounds building that relays data to an indoor display.

The weather station is not just a valuable tool for the grounds crew and management; it also serves as an engaging feature for the residents. The weather data can be shared with the residents through newsletters, community boards, or even integrated into an interactive digital display. This allows our residents to stay informed about the daily and forecasted weather conditions, enabling them to plan their activities and outings accordingly. You can visit our live weather station online here.

Happy forecasting!