Bluebird Box Project Has Early Success

Last Month, Jim Burke, VP of the North American Bluebird Society gave a presentation for the April Grounds Lecture. He discussed the historical decline of the Eastern, Western and Mountain bluebirds caused by loss of nest site and pesticides. The good news is that they are recovering. The necessity of providing and monitoring bluebird boxes was covered, and Jim and his wife Sharon toured the bluebird trail here.

Givens Estates is part of the recovery. We currently have 60 operating and monitored bluebird boxes. As is expected we have had some disappointments with competing birds disrupting nests. Fortunately, over the last two weeks 21 baby bluebirds have fledged and another 14 will leave the nest this week. Bluebirds will typically have 2-3 broods per season, so we are off to a great start.