Best Advice After 54 Years of Marriage?

Ginger and Dan Jones, residents of Givens Estates, shared a little bit of their love story with us. Having been married for over 54 years, we were interested!

The pair met in Chatham, Virginia, where both were teaching in boarding schools. Ginger taught Latin while Dan taught German and history. When asked, Dan said that he loved Ginger’s “bubbly personality, her warmth, her spirituality, and her love of the elderly.” Ginger responded that she loved “Dan’s kindness, sensitivity, and intelligence…He’s my best friend, too.”

Together, they love planning travel adventures and exploring the world. They read books together and share. Their favorite thing, however, is spending time with their three grandsons.

When asked what advice they’d give young couples who want to have a long-term healthy relationship similar to theirs, they agreed, “Listen with your heart.”