Bacteria-busting Filters and Other Interesting HVAC Facts, A Chat with Joey Camby

Most often, residents interact with the members of the Facilities Services department when something needs to be repaired. Did you know there is much work that goes on behind the scenes to keep the facility operations running smoothly? Jeanne LaRoe recently sat down with Joey Camby to learn about his valuable contributions to the Givens Estates family and learned a few things along the way!

Joey has been working with Givens Estates for over 20 years, first as a contract HVAC Technician, and since February 2020 as an employee. Joey is one of the few Master Commercial Technicians in Western NC. He is certified to work on the large commercial equipment on campus such as chillers, boilers, cooling towers, rooftop units, and PTAC units in the health center. Did you know the cooling tower on the top of Oxford Commons is the size of a small house? A great deal of expertise is needed in providing service to such a large unit.

Joey has been instrumental in outfitting the PTAC units with special air filters. These filters use ionization to kill mold, bacteria and viruses to improve the quality of the air in the health center. Joey is considered an HVAC hero to us since clean air is critical for the wellbeing of all at Givens Estates, but especially for those who live in the health center. Finally, we learned that without regular maintenance to HVAC units, they will not operate at peak efficiency. Having Joey’s consistent attention to our systems increases savings and reduces energy loss at Givens Estates.