Meet Maggie Thomas

Maggie Thomas has been a valuable asset to Givens Estates since her arrival almost 2 years ago. Learn more about the varied responsibilities she has endeavored to take on as an employee as well as what she finds most rewarding about working at Givens Estates.

What attracted you to working at Givens Estates?

I was looking for a place with a community feel and I was impressed by the number of years many team members have worked here. I knew I was at home right away with the gorgeous landscapes and welcoming smiles.

What are a few of your primary responsibilities?

This summer I am mostly working in Grounds, Maintenance, and Marketing, but I do a little bit of everything depending on which department needs an extra hand. In Grounds, I beautify – planting, watering, weeding, and trimming bushes. In Maintenance, I just started a project upgrading the emergency pull cords all over campus, and I love interfacing with the residents and techs to assign work orders. In Marketing, I mostly help behind the scenes, and I enjoy telling prospective residents about what Givens Estates has to offer – I have a unique perspective since I have worked in ten departments, poked around the deepest boiler rooms, nurtured our plants, taken meal orders for residents, measured kitchens for new move-ins, sent thank you letters to folks who give to the Resident Assistance Fund, organized event photos for Life Enrichment, filed records in Wood Assisted Living, and called Bingo at the Health Center.

What do you like about coming to Givens Estates every day?

I feel like I am spending time with my friends and family and I am humbled by the kindness I have been shown by team members and residents. I learn new skills all the time, like how to drive an excavator or use a new piece of software.

How is your job rewarding?

I get to help in countless ways and see the fruits of my labor, from blooming flowers to the implementation of a new room booking system to laughing with people I meet in the hallway.

What is a fun fact about you?

I have a master’s degree in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. My acupuncture business is currently closed due to COVID-19, but I am looking forward to getting back to treating patients – I love to see them walk out refreshed and feeling better.

What is one word that describes you best?


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