News at Givens Estates

Quilting is Creating with Love

A special resident post by Joanie McGee, Co-chair of Luv 2 Quilt at Givens Estates I recently read an article in the Smoky Mountain Living magazine that showcased the “powerful economic force” that quilting brings to Asheville while celebrating the Southern Appalachian heritage of our foremothers! Quilters come from all over for classes, retreats, and … Continued

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Meet Bonnie and Marco

If you haven’t met Bonnie and Marco, you are missing out on two gems in the Givens Estates community. They are one of the friendliest couples that you’ll encounter in Asheville. The couple enjoys meeting new people, and they are genuinely interested and fascinated to hear people’s stories. It doesn’t take long for new acquaintances … Continued

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A Catalyst for Spiritual Growth

An interview with Barbara Turner, Givens Estates resident since June 2018. Barbara Turner, a Givens Estates resident since June 2018, enjoys an active life with fascinating stories, perspectives, and an impressive resume, including teaching high school and working as a neuroscientist and medical educator. She is also a trained chaplain in the Jewish faith. Her … Continued

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