Mission & Values

Givens Estates United Methodist Retirement Community is a Christian, ecumenical not-for-profit corporation committed to providing the full continuum of quality care to seniors within its community and to providing outreach ministries in the larger community.

Since its inception in 1975, our goal is to optimize the quality of life for residents and staff by encouraging a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Through our ongoing commitment to wellness--integrating mind, body and spirit--Givens Estates is dedicated to meeting the emerging needs of current and future residents in finding fulfillment, dignity and purpose in daily living.

Our Values

  • Caring - Perform services in ways that demonstrate respect and compassion for and commitment to residents and the local communities being served
  • Dedication - Create an environment in which all parties are focused on and committed to accomplishing the organization's mission
  • Integrity - Act, in all areas of conduct, at the highest levels of ethical behavior, financial responsibility, fair dealing and accountability
  • Professionalism - Provide expert leadership through highly qualified staff in the delivery of state-of-the-art services to the elderly
  • Quality - Deliver superior services that bring measurable and sustainable benefits to residents and the local communities served
  • Respect - Cultivate resident, board, staff, business and local community relationships that honor and celebrate the dignity of every human being
  • Safety - Provide a safe and secure environment for residents, employees, and visitors
  • Wellness - Promote and implement wellness programs, education and services as an organization-wide process for the benefit of residents, staff, and the local community and encourage the adoption of a wellness lifestyle
  • Benevolence - Provide charitable care and services to all residents requiring financial support within the financial means of the organization

Givens Estates, its Board of Directors, and Staff are dedicated to this ministry